November 16, 2022 - By CODELANCER


What if there is a breach of your information and  your entire data set has been compromised also being used improperly?

Academics, researchers, and people are at risk from corporate and governmental sectors' cyber attacks and unlawful data access.We CODELANCER CYBER SECURITY AND FORENSICS PRIVATE LIMITED support law enforcement personnel and attorneys addressing cyber crime  situations by assisting them in finding vulnerabilities and handling such incidents.

Our Strength

Our team is supervised by Mr. Mayank Rajkumar Sambare, CEO and Director CODELANCER CYBER SECURITY AND FORENSICS PRIVATE LIMITED India's leading expert in cyber crime investigation, cyber security, and cyber operations.

  • Supported by the Central Bureau of Investigation, Ministry of Personnel, Pension & Public Grievances, Government of India - which falls under the Prime Minister's office. for Cyber Crime Investigation training.

  • Over 1000+ Law Enforcement and Defense personnel have been trained in dealing with Cyber Crime Investigations and Cyber Security across nations.

  • Have extensive experience handling cases involving espionage, VoIP calls, identity theft, cyber pornography, cyber stalking, credit/debit card fraud, advanced fee fraud/Nigerian scam, and web application hacking.

  • Assisted for more than 500+ Cyber Crime cases to various Law Enforcement Agencies across India.

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