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Codelancer provides a 65B Certificate that is Admissible to Court. In an era where data is the new currency and cyber threats loom large, the need for robust cybersecurity measures and forensic expertise is paramount. Codelancer, a leading name in cybersecurity and forensics, has emerged as a pioneer in safeguarding digital assets through its 65B certification, setting new standards in data protection and forensic investigation.

Understanding Codelancer's 65B Certification

Codelancer's 65B certification is a testament to their commitment to excellence in cybersecurity and forensic practices. This certification signifies adherence to stringent protocols and methodologies in extracting digital evidence, preserving its integrity, and ensuring its admissibility in legal proceedings.

The Procedure of Extraction:

  • Identification and Collection: Codelancer's experts employ sophisticated tools and techniques to identify and collect digital evidence from various sources, such as computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage.

  • Preservation and Documentation: Once evidence is collected, it is meticulously preserved to prevent tampering or alteration. Detailed documentation is maintained to create an unbroken chain of custody, crucial for legal validity.

  • Forensic Imaging: The extraction process involves creating a forensic image of the digital media. This snapshot captures every bit of data, ensuring a complete and accurate representation of the original evidence.

Importance of Hash Values:

Hash values play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital evidence. Codelancer employs hash algorithms to generate unique identifiers for extracted data, commonly using algorithms like MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256.

  • Integrity Verification: Hash values act as digital fingerprints. Any alteration in the data, no matter how minute, will result in a different hash value. By comparing hash values pre and post-extraction, Codelancer ensures the integrity of the evidence.

  • Admissibility in Court: Hash values serve as a means of validation in legal proceedings. They provide irrefutable proof that the presented evidence remains unchanged and untampered with since its extraction.

The Significance of 65B Certification

Codelancer's 65B certification holds immense significance in the realm of cybersecurity and forensics:

  • Legal Admissibility: Compliance with 65B certification standards ensures that the extracted evidence meets legal requirements for admissibility in court, bolstering the credibility of the investigation.

  • Trust and Reliability: Clients can trust Codelancer's processes, knowing that their sensitive digital assets are handled with the utmost care and follow stringent protocols, ensuring reliability in investigations.

  • Industry Recognition: The 65B certification distinguishes Codelancer as an industry leader committed to upholding the highest standards of cybersecurity and forensic practices.


In an age where data breaches and cybercrimes pose significant threats, Codelancer's 65B certification stands as a beacon of trust and expertise. Through meticulous extraction procedures and the utilization of hash values for maintaining evidence integrity, Codelancer sets a benchmark for excellence in cybersecurity and forensic investigations.

By choosing Codelancer's services backed by the 65B certification, individuals and organizations can rest assured that their digital assets are in capable hands, fortified by unwavering dedication to security and forensic excellence.

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