CFRM (CODELANCER FIREWALL AND RISK MANAGEMENT) is a robust website security program that will safeguard your site against hackers, attacks, and other threats. SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam, and a variety of other threats will all be protected.


CFRM detects all known hacker attacks as well as new undiscovered threats using code recognition and patterns and automatically takes action, utilizing an intelligence algorithm (similar to those employed by major industry corporations).

CFRM is a sophisticated Web Application Firewall that protects all PHP software, including custom scripts, shopping cart software, and content management systems. It enables any website administrator to take advantage of sophisticated and effective security measures. It's really quick, well-optimized, and uses very few system resources.

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Main Primary Features

  • SQLi Security - SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities Protection (Cross-Site Scripting).
  • Proxy Protection - Protection from Hackers or so-called people hiding behind proxies is protected using Proxy, VPN, and TOR.
  • Spam Protection - Spammers and spambots will not be able to spam your website.
  • Input Sanitization - All incoming and outgoing requests and responses are automatically sanitized by the protection module. All requests are scanned in real-time.
  • Bad Words Filtering - Profanity, foul language, bad links, terrible sentences, and other bad stuff are all filtered in real-time by this protection module.
  • DNSBL Integration - CFRM safeguard your website from bad visitors, integrate with some of the leading Spam Databases (DNSBL).
  • DNSBL IntegrationIntelligent Pattern Recognition - Unknown and Zero-Day Attacks and Exploits are detected.
  • Ban System - Visitors / Users (IP Addresses), Countries, IP Ranges, Operating Systems, Browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Referrers are all blocked and redirected.
  • Bad Bots and Crawlers Protection - Stops bad bots and crawlers from wasting bandwidth on your website.
  • Fake Bots Protection - Verifying search engine bots that visit your website whether they are real or fake bots.
  • Headers Check - Every visitor’s response headers will be checked and if there are suspicious objects their access to the website will be denied.
  • Auto Ban - A function that will automatically ban attackers and threats when bad behavior is detected.
  • Threat Logs - Each threat and attack is logged into the database, so you can view them later. (No duplicates)
  • Detailed Logs - The logs contain much information about the Threat / Attack like Browser, Operating System, Country, State, City, User Agent, Location, and other useful information.
  • IP Lookup - You can investigate IP Address and check if it is present in the script’s database
  • E-Mail Notifications - You will receive an E-Mail Notifications when an attack or threat is detected.
  • Dashboard with Stats - On the Dashboard, you can check the Stats for the protection of your website.
  • Useful Tools - Collection of Tools such as .htaccess Editor, Hash Generator, and others.
  • Errors Monitoring - A useful tool that shows all logged errors from your website.
  • .htaccess Editor - Edit your .htaccess file directly from the Admin Panel, no need to open it in any external editor.
  • IP & File Whitelist - A list of IP Addresses and Files that will be ignored by the app and will not be blocked.
  • Live Traffic - Observe your visitors in real-time as they interact with your website.
  • Visit Analytics - Track and analyze how people use your website.
  • PHP Configuration Checker - Check current PHP Configuration for potential security flaws.
  • Site Information - Page with a big amount of Information and Statistics about your website.
  • Very Optimized - The script is very lightweight and won’t slow down your website loading time.
  • Fully Responsive - Looks good on many devices and screen resolutions.
  • Easy to setup - The Framework is integrated with Support of Team, We Help You To Secure Your Website.
  • Easy to use - Easy to use and handle.

Warning Pages with Customizable Designs to Deter Bad Visitors


It has a comprehensive admin panel where system administrators may monitor all logs, as well as a Ban System where visitors (IP addresses), countries, IP ranges, Internet Service Providers (ISP), browsers, operating systems (OS), and referrers can be blacklisted. There are a lot of options and settings in the Admin Panel. It allows you to simply maintain your website's security.

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